Mobile phone radiation

Mobile phone radiation

The phone radiation is a problem many people don’t talk about. The phones emit radio waves all the time when they are turned on. During a conversation the emission is much bigger, ... Continue Reading →
Gluten free bread woes

Gluten free bread. What you shoud know.

One of the problems people have when they are diagnosed with coeliac disease is the bread. People complain about the texture, the taste, the fact that sandwiches ‘are just not the ... Continue Reading →

Nutrition during endurance training and racing

There is a lot of info to go through and I’d like to get to the basics for you right away, and from there you can research more information, if you care to.   Not only is the topic ... Continue Reading →
Obese girls premature puberty

Obese girls premature puberty

According to a new study found that obese girls enter puberty significantly earlier than the slim girl, but only premature entry into puberty a factor is still not enough to make adults ... Continue Reading →
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10 things you probably don’t know about the hair

  Hair is something we pay a lot attention to: we cut it, dye it, style it before we go out. But our hair has a lot more functions, some of them quite unbelievable: it can purify ... Continue Reading →
Let’s Talk About Hair Ladies

Let’s Talk About Hair Ladies

I have always wanted to write a blog or something of that nature about hair, but have never really had a purpose to. I typically just blab on to my friends giving them advice on hair ... Continue Reading →
Easy weight loss recommendation for men

Easy weight loss recommendation for men

In the television program, The Greatest Loser, you will certainly locate that guys lose additional weight quicker compared to women do. It appears that also after 30, guys’s metabolism ... Continue Reading →

Strategies On How To Maintain Good Nutrition

After you plan to enhance your nutrition, happen to be on on your path to better health and your overal wellness. This is the constant quest that you just should start slowly, for the ... Continue Reading →
Green Coffee

Green coffee weight loss

You have to be educated to help to make healthy choices once you understand sufficient with regards to your green coffee weight loss as well as health. You won’t manage to eat great ... Continue Reading →
Dress for you – healthy hair

How to have healthy hair

My house had been hijacked by two 70-somethings. They’re my boyfriend’s grandparents. Great people, of course, but I miss my bed, my closet, having the freedom to move in and ... Continue Reading →