Mobile phone radiation

Mobile phone radiation

Mobile phone radiation

The phone radiation is a problem many people don’t talk about.
The phones emit radio waves all the time when they are turned on. During a conversation the emission is much bigger, but the emission in stand by mode should not be forgotten. In every single moment the phones emit signal informing the net about the phone location and the possibility to answer an incoming call.

These radio waves represent radiation, which is for sure dangerous for the organism. The big quantity of radio waves can cause all kinds of health problems.

Mostly affected during a phone conversation is the brain. The long and continuous use of mobile phone could lead to brain tumor. During a conversation the whole power of the phone is used and all of the near tissues are.

The mobile phones can affect the health even if kept in the pocket, close to the body. This is mostly true for men, because the ladies often keep their phones in their bags. Put in the pocket the phone affects the man reproductive system, which is the most delicate in the human body.  In the pocket of a jacket near the heart the phone increases the risk if heart attack.

How to protect yourself:

  1. The most effective protection is the use of Phone Radiation Reducer – (available in Google Play store for Android Devices, soon and for other os) This app calculates the minimal strength for signal according to the distance to the closest cell and sets the phone to use the minimal power necessary to have a quality conversation or internet surfing. In the default settings this signal is almost the same despite of the different distances of the cells. This is the most effective way for decreasing radiation emission for a phone that is turned on.
  2. Keeping your mobile phone away from the body and  the most important organs. Women usually keep their mobile phones in their bags, protecting themselves without even knowing. We advice men to also find a way to keep their mobile phones separately from the important organs.
  3. Earrings.  That’s right, an ordinary pair of metal earrings absorbs a part of the radio waves. The heaviest the metal is the stronger it absorbs the radio waves.  So the bigger earrings especiality these from gold, silver or platin absorb more from the cancerous waves. This may not be the most effective, protection, but still it has positive effects.
  4. The use of handsfree. This is onli true if you do not use bluetooth handsfree because it also emits radio waves.  Using a handsfree is a good way to keep phone away from the brain when the radiation is the most-during a conversation.

You can figure out yourself other ways for protection based on the distance between you and the phone and the presence if metal.