Obese girls premature puberty

Obese girls premature puberty

According to a new study found that obese girls enter puberty significantly earlier than the slim girl, but only premature entry into puberty a factor is still not enough to make adults fat, but childhood obesity and premature menarche and adult obesity-related.

The study found that overweight girls before menarche, adult obesity probability is almost eight times the slim girl, but no precocious puberty and adult obesity. Tufts University School of Medicine, Public Health and associate professor of family medicine at Avia? Munster led the study, she said: “In view of todays society the obesity epidemic, it is important to find the best way to intervene in this disease.”

MU Professor Lancaster said, Breast enlargement this intervention should be started from childhood, she said, for parents to study further confirmed the number of obese girls premature puberty is normal, even if the slim girl earlier menarche, but into adulthood after their obesity risk is not high. creeped said, other researchers found that girls precocious puberty cause they enter adulthood obesity problem, this conclusion is inspired Her research interests this assumption Contact people shifted the real culprit attention on the problem of adult obesity.

Yale University School of Medicine Prevention Research Center Director David? Dr. Katz said, the study will not try to make medical personnel through the use of drugs suppression menstrual premature to prevent obesity. Dr. Katz said: “I think this is an important discovery. further confirmed in many ways a common-sense question.” The study will be published in the September issue of Pediatrics magazine on

The study of precocious puberty is defined as the 12-year-old girl before the first period. the creeped said, in the past 25 years, the average age of the girls menarche has not changed much, but still earlier than in the past two-and-a-half or so. data from 307 women,tenga flip hole black 40 years ago they had to participate in a girl development and maturation.

study found that only 4% of girls in the menstrual before menarche overweight into adulthood, 37% of women with obesity problems .40 years ago, that the object of study is the girls of the public schools of Newton, Massachusetts, USA, participants mostly from white American families and the middle class, which so that the research results have certain limitations Boston Childrens Hospital assistant professor of pediatrics Alison? Rumsfeld said: “We need to do the same and in African-Americans and Hispanic Americans,” Professor Field is also engaged in a similar study, but was not involved in the research of Professor Munster.