10 things you probably don’t know about the hair

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Hair is something we pay a lot attention to: we cut it, dye it, style it before we go out. But our hair has a lot more functions, some of them quite unbelievable: it can purify our body from toxins and reveal the place we live in. Here are 10 facts you probably don’t know about the hair:




1. Human hair and animal’s fur is the same thing. They are made out of the same protein- it is called keratine. The keratine also builds our nails.

2. All mammals have hair- even the whales have some sort of it when they are born. The hedgehogs also have hair under their spines.

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3. The insects have hair, too. The Micronecta insects hair for example helps them to “scream”. The micro filaments knock togethet and significantly increase the sound the bug naturally produces.

4. The hair on spider’s legs helps him to hear different noices like bee buzz and car beeps.

5. Human hair can taste. Our nasal cavity and bronchial tubes are covered with micro hairs called cilia. Scientifists from the University of Ayova found that they react to bitter tastes like nicotin, which causes faster movements of the cilia in order to eliminate the dangerous substance.


6. Our hair knows where we live in. Recent study conducted in 33 cities shows that the water form different regions gives the hair slightly different chemical reflection.

7. People with blond hair are more shy than people with brown hair. This affirmation was confirmed by the american psychologist Jerome Kagan in 2006.



8. There is a disease that makes us eat our hair. It is called trichophagia. Although it’s very rare, it can be very dangerous. In 2012 doctors in India found 2 kg hair ball in 19 years old boy’s stomach!

9.  When your hair is greasy it absorbs 7 times more polutatns from the air.

10. The hair know when we sleep. Japanese scientifists have found a way to analyse the sleeping regime of any person by it’s hair follicles.

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