Let’s Talk About Hair Ladies

Let’s Talk About Hair Ladies

Let’s Talk About Hair Ladies

I have always wanted to write a blog or something of that nature about hair, but have never really had a purpose to. I typically just blab on to my friends giving them advice on hair care.

No, I do not do hair for a living, nor have I been to any beauty school!  What I have to offer is advice that has worked for me and has not only made my hair healthy, but has also given me a new found confidence in myself!

First and foremost, I have found a stylist that I absolutely love. I have been going to her for over five years now. I do not even have to tell her how to do my hair, she does it perfectly without hardly any commentary from me. She is a visionary and always imagines the end product of what it should look like and most of the time it turns out better than she envisioned.

I use good products. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for when it comes to hair products. I have found from switching from store brand to salon brand that a little goes a long way and I have actually saved money from switching. I have salon brand shampoo, conditioner, and styling products from well over six months ago. As opposed to when I’d have to go to the drug store and buy a new bottle every month of whatever store brand I was using at the time.

Also, not all salon brands are super expensive. There are some that rival store brand costs. I have found one brand in particular that I love is “Rusk.” It costs around $8.00 for a LITER at TJ Maxx, and I think the most I’ve ever paid is $15.00 for a liter of it at the actual salon.

If you are going to use store brand products I highly recommend the brand “Organix.” My best friend has the healthiest, shiniest locks I’ve ever laid eyes on and that is what she uses. I use it in between my other shampoos just to mix it up and my hair looks and feels amazing!

Another I’ve done to help improve my hair health is take vitamins. Even taking a multi-vitamin I’ve noticed my hair even feels better!

One more tip is do not wash your hair every day if you don’t have to! It takes away the natural oils in your hair that keep it healthy. Washing and blow drying every day can damage those precious locks!

Lastly, my stylist told me something that has stuck with me and I wanted to share it with my fellow girly girls. “You are the one who looks at yourself every day, you need to feel beautiful. You are the one who has to see your hair everyday it should be what you want it to be.”

No matter what the trend is or what anyone else says, whatever makes you feel beautiful… DO IT!