How to have healthy hair

How to have healthy hair

How to have healthy hair

My house had been hijacked by two 70-somethings. They’re my boyfriend’s grandparents. Great people, of course, but I miss my bed, my closet, having the freedom to move in and out of my own bedroom, cooking and eating what I want and seeing only my things in the bathroom. When they finally leave, I won’t miss hearing old man farts and burps, smelling old lady perfume, having to worry about feeding others or entertaining them. The past few days have made me realise something, I’m not mature to look after others. Sure, I take care of my boyfriend but he is easy. He needs food for work, clean shirts and that’s about it. My life is not under my control while they are here. There’s too much worrying about whether others will be happy with that decision for dinner, making sure they have the right directions to go sightseeing. I need a break, I’m only 24!

Oh, and did I mention that my boyfriend’s not even in town?! A family emergency came up and he had to fly up to be with his father. And yes, this all happened before the grandparents arrived but did it make them rethink their plans? Of course not! Why go home and sleep in your own bed when you can sleep in mine?

Okay, enough complaining. I just needed to vent. This week’s all about hair. I’ve done a ‘dress for you’ post before and I plan on making it a weekly occurrence. To tie in with this week, however, ‘dress for you’ obviously doesn’t refer to clothes, I’m going to focus on what products you can ‘dress’ you hair with to obtain the luscious locks we are all looking for (smart, hey?). I’ve been using these products over the past week and I’ve found my hair already looks healthier.

I used to wash my hair every day. I have Greek genes which mean that my hair and skin become oily. However, washing your hair every day strips it off its natural oils and nutrients. This results in dry ends and hair that’s not so shiny.

I’ve now changed my hair care routine to washing my hair every second or third day. Suprisingly, my hair hasn’t been unbearably oily even though its adjusting to less washing. As part of my new hair routine, I now apply a hair mask of melted coconut oil to my hair once a week. Organic and cold pressed is best as the less processing something undergoes, the more nutrients it has. Coconut oil is more beenficial to hair as it has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft.

Melt two tablespoons of coconut oil in a pan over low heat and apply to the hair, halfway down the shaft to the ends. (Applying to the roots will create oily hair.) Leave in for 15 minutes and then wash hair as normal.

Coconut oil is a more expensive oil than other types but so much cheaper than purchasing a deep conditioning hair mask that attempts to have the same effect using chemicals and man-made ingredients.

I have also begun blowdrying my hair after washing it. I blowdry on a high heat but a low fan-force. Heat isn’t the best thing for your hair but blowdrying is more gentle than straightening and if done properly, has the same effect. Blowdrying also allows the hair’s cuticles to be styled in the same direction allowing for softer and shinier hair. As I am only washing my hair 3 times a week maximum, my hair is only subjected to heat on those occassions. Having said that, it’s important to apply a heat protectant to your hair. I’ve recently purchased the Tresemme Heat Tamer Protectant Spray upon receiving the okay from my hair dresser. It works well and is easy to use. I like it because it’s light on the hair and doesn’t have an overpowering smell.

The heat protectant is relatively inexpensive and seems to be doing the job well. My hair doesn’t feel any drier and doesn’t seem weaker when I brush it.

Years ago, I bought Tony & Guy dry hair shampoo. It cost me about $15 and, no matter how much I brushed it out, my hair stayed grey. Ever since then I haven’t touched the stuff, until the other day when I gave after seeing the Batiste dry shampoo was 25% off. I’ve only used it once in the past week but I’m happy with the result. Even in the sunlight, my hair doesn’t have a grey tinge and the oily feeling in my hair is gone.

The next two products are ones I’ve been using for a couple of years now.

They work to create texture to the hair (perfect when wanting a bedhead sort of style) and volumising the roots (no flat hair here). I admit I bought the products because I like the ethics behind the products and the company, but they actually work really well. They are a little bit pricier in comparison to other drugstore brands but worth the purchase.

My final haircare must-have for my new hair routine is Morroccan oil. I’ve been using it for a few months now. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to think about it once it’s on. My hair dresser doesn’t agree with the hype of this product, she thinks that it doesn’t really do much for the hair. However, I will say this, she said that after complementing how healthy my hair has become. Silly lady!