How to grow hair faster

How to grow hair faster

How to grow hair faster

The hair is an essential component of our vision. There are almost no women who don’t want long hair or men who would like to be bald.

The beautiful hair is a powerful seducing method for both men and women. A lot of research results show that long dense hair is far more attractive for the two sexes. That’s why millions of people are looking for advices how to make their hair grow  faster.  The hair grows with 15 cm/ year on average. This speed is very individual and depends on many factors. Of course genetic predisposition is important, but for what depends on us we can stimulate our hair growth by supporting our hair in excellent condition. Here’s how to do it.


1. Be careful how you treat your hair.

Washing hair

Washing your hair with very hot water can damage its micro structure and make your hair dry and fragile. The excessive use of curlers or hair straightener has the same effect. Better avoid the dryer too, but if you can not- always use a thermoprotection spray with it. But attention- using too much cosmetics like foam, gel, etc can make your hair greasy and cause dandruff.

You can also easily feed up you hair and make it grow faster with some home made tricks. After you cook boiled potatoes you can use the water to rinse the hair. Another option- you cam mix a tomato, several olive oil drops and couple of aloe vera leafs, apply to the scalp for as long as you can and then rinse with water. Lemon juice and egg beat together also can do miracles for your hair.

2. Change you lifestyle

Hair lifestyle

Its well known fact that the stress causes a lot of trouble to our body, including our hair. For your own good try to eliminate it as much as it’s possible. Do some sport- the sport increases metabolism level and improves blood circulation, which naturally stimulates the hair growth. You can also improve the blood circulation by scalp massage, which is also great way to relax after a tough day.

Be careful not to over expose your hair to sun and wind. Wear a hat on the sunny days and wrap a tower around it when you go to sauna.

Drink a lot of water- a minimum of 6 glasses a day can guarantee you strong hair and make your body feel and work much better.

3. Eat healthy

Healthy food for hair

The normal function of your body is strictly related to what you eat. As well as it’s your hair. So you need to provide to your body a number of vitamins, amino acids and nutrients daily. When we talk about hair the most important are vitamins A, B and C.

Vitamin A can be found in carrots, fish and in most of the vegetables. It is also very useful for the eyesight. On the other side Vit. E’s level drop can cause hair loss. To get some you have to eat walnuts.

The vitamins of group B are several types and are all tightly associated with hair grow. Vit. B2 is contained in milk products, fully grained pain and meat. Vit. B3 can be found in fish and cereals, vit. B5- in chicken meat, eggs, broccoli. Other vitamins of this group such as B6, B9, B10, B12 are also found in many vegetables, milk products, meat and fish.

Vitamin C is probably the most common vitamin. It is largely contained in many fruits, especially citrus and berries. It’s essential for almost every processes in the organism.

4. Take supplements

Use hair growth products

Most of the people either don’t have time to take all the recommended daily amounts of vitamins or underestimate their importance. If you are one of them you can simply buy a combined vitamins from the drug store and take them every morning. The market is now overflowing with many supplements such as Har Vokse and Profolica, that assure you the required daily amount of vitamins and nutrients.

5. Go to your hairdresser regularly

Hairdresser cuts hair

Believe it or not you have to cut your hair once every 2,3 months to make it grow faster. The haircut removes the damaged ends of your hair- this is a great relief for your hair who does not have to care about them and can concentrate on growing. In addition your hairdresser can propose you different therapies to enhance your general hair condition and increase it’s growth speed. The products in the salons are usually professional and with excellent quality. This alternative is quite expensive and requires a lot of spare time, but we do everything for beauty, doesn’t we?